Registered Charity Number 267284
Formerly Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society


We were contacted by Mist’s owner who had to rush five year old Mist, her beloved Border Collie, to her vets that morning as she had collapsed. At that particular time, Mist’s owner found herself in serious financial difficulty.

After a vets examination it was found that Mist had fluid in her chest cavity which was drained and she was placed on a drip with antibiotics. She was not recovering at all and the vet suspected that she had a twisted lung lobe and proceeded with an endoscopy. It was found that Mist did indeed have a twisted lobe which was badly infected so the vet had to open up the chest and remove the lobe. It was not a straight forward op and Mist died twice during the op and had to be resuscitated.

It was great to hear a few days later that Mist had recovered well after her operation with a great deal of TLC from her owner and there was further good news as the test, which was carried out on the lobe, came back as non-cancerous.

Without the financial help from the Foundation, Mist’s owner would not have continued to have the wonderful company of her beloved Mist.