Registered Charity Number 267284
Formerly Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society


After Zoe had her eye removed due to a detached retina, we received an update from her grateful owners:

Zoe is very frail but, as you know, she is a fighter and has adapted very well with her limited vision. She is so much better after the op and is no longer suffering pain.

We have to put a foam pillow in front of the back patio doors to prevent her hurting herself when she goes to run outside before we’ve opened the door! She gets a little disoriented but think that may be her dementia. She still races upstairs in the mornings to greet me in bed when I’m having a lie in. She struggles to jump up onto the bed now but is given a lift up and she’s happy. She is still a little cutie and we are so grateful she is still with us.

She goes to sleep snuggled up with her friends Reggie and Fred.

Zoe is now a fresh chicken lover and loves scrambled egg as she was off her food for a few days. She has her appetite back and where she can’t see properly thinks I have a treat in my fingers and nibbles them gently.

She is still the leader of the pack and makes her voice heard over the boys.

Thanks again for your help