Registered Charity Number 267284
Formerly Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society


Poppy B

In May 2014, Poppy was found on a highway in Azerbaijan. She had head and pelvic injuries and most of her tail was missing. At first, her rescuer thought she had been involved in a road traffic accident but, upon … Continue reading


Rolf was a rescued puppy whose new owner soon realised that there was something very wrong with her puppy’s leg. X-rays showed that his leg was broken and his knee joint needed to be pinned. Rolf’s owner knew that the operation would … Continue reading


Poppy is a much loved family member who required an operation on a cruciate ligament.  Her owner just did not have the funds to cover the expense and contacted us for help.  After discussions with Poppy’s vet and visiting Poppy … Continue reading


When Lottie, an 11 year old rescue dog, developed a nasty lump on her leg, her owners took her along to their vet. They subsequently found two more lumps and the veterinary surgeon felt it would be best to remove … Continue reading

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