Registered Charity Number 267284
Formerly Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society

What we do

Happy Breed Foundation was set up to award grants to people on a low income who cannot afford to care adequately for their dog and also to award grants to other small reputable, registered, dog charities which are struggling financially.

Black Lab

The new charity will also make financial provision to look after the health and well-being of all Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society dogs previously re-homed.  Under existing Happy Breed policy, all dogs remain the property of The Society after having been adopted, so we feel it is a responsible gesture to offer this help should it be required in the future.

All requests regarding help with the cost of kennelling or dog walking, where a dog owner becomes incapacitated, should be sent to us on a grant application form – click here for details. It is a requirement that all requests for grants to assist with the cost of vet’s bills must come through the dog’s veterinarian.

Applications for a grant originated by a registered charity, dog club or group must be sent, in writing, on headed paper, to Happy Breed Foundation at the address shown on the contacts page.  The grant must be for a specific project and details of that project should be included in the letter.