Registered Charity Number 267284
Formerly Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society

Our History

For 60 years the Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society rescued and re-homed thousands of stray and unwanted dogs.

The charity was founded by Mrs Marjory Hervey who, in the early post-war years, had become worried about the number of stray dogs wandering about the Sussex countryside.  At first, she took them to the police in case they were lost.  She knew that, if they were not claimed within 7 days, they would be destroyed so she undertook to take them on herself.  She tried to re-home these strays, riding around the countryside on her push-bike visiting friends and local farmers. Some new owners gave her donations which helped with the veterinary care and boarding costs for the other strays.
As time progressed, the number of strays increased and she decided that something must be done on a larger scale. Marjorie, along with a number of dog-loving friends, started some fundraising ventures and, in 1952, ‘Happy Breed’ was founded.

GSD_isolatedIn 1973, it was decided that the Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society would be a more appropriate name and in 1974 it was accepted as a Registered Charity.

Dogs remained in the Society’s care indefinitely while a home was sought for them. One dog, ‘Rags’, stayed with the Society for over two years until the ‘right’ home was found for him.

However, as times change, nothing stays the same forever and, in early 2013, the Society decided to change direction and become a grant awarding charity.  In August 2013, after the proposed changes were approved by the Charity Commission and Members of the Society, the new charity, Happy Breed Foundation, was set up.