Registered Charity Number 267284
Formerly Mid Sussex Happy Breed Dog Rescue Society



We were contacted by Mist’s owner who had to rush five year old Mist, her beloved Border Collie, to her vets that morning as she had collapsed. At that particular time, Mist’s owner found herself in serious financial difficulty. After … Continue reading


Barney was born in Romania in June 2016 and was abandoned on the streets by his owner along with his five siblings. They were all rescued by Ama Dog Rescue. Barney’s owner saw a picture of him on the Rescue’s … Continue reading


After Zoe had her eye removed due to a detached retina, we received an update from her grateful owners: Zoe is very frail but, as you know, she is a fighter and has adapted very well with her limited vision. … Continue reading


Yruki (the gorgeous little Chihuahua who appears on our newsletter front cover) was a very poorly little dog. She was diagnosed at first with severe haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis but, over the period of her stay at the vets, she had many … Continue reading


In 2017, a few days before Christmas, our Collie x Pointer, Baz, suffered a near fatal accident while in our local woods. A fallen branch had punctured his chest and right lung. He was in a lot of distress, unable … Continue reading

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